Arizona's local-only indie station

Listen Live!


- Tempe Patchboard is a 24/7 streaming channel on YouTube

- We stream only music and videos from local artists and musicians from around the valley.

Essentially it's something like MTV for local bands.

Let's make something like MTV for local bands.

Wanna help?


Broadcasting Live! From a cheap laptop running OBS on a bookshelf near a freeway in Tempe Arizona!

The buisiness side

- You must be the person who can grant us permission to play your band's music or your music video.

- You can revoke your permission to let us play your music/videos at any time.

We want to play your music!

Are you a local artist who wants to submit their music?

- Did you shoot or direct a music video you'd like to submit with that band's permission?

- Have the rights to your music and have the ability to give permission.

- Original music only. Covers get into some murky territory when it comes to mechanical licenses and copyright.

If these apply to you, submit your music here!